Welcome to Extreme Vengeance Wrestling: Rules. All rules should be followed and repsected for they have been put in place for very good and asuring reasons to ensure this E-Federation can be as good as possible. Thank You

kind regards from Raj Singh

Rules :

  • No swearing
  • No abusice language
  • No sexist comments or sexual harrassment 
  • Vote everytime a match card is created and opened
  • Ensure that you have been on the Promos Page and have added your Promo
  • Ensure that if you are a member of WAI, you are on the Roster Page, if not go to the contact page
  • No advertising other E-Federations or Wikis
  • Respect anyone and everyone fairly and greatfully

Rights and Regulations :

  • Respect other people
  • Appreciate your position
  • No innapropriate behaviour on chat, message wall, comment or replies
  • Administrators do not have the right to block anyone without an agreement
  • General Manager must follow all their persific rules or else action must take place

Punishments :

  • breaking a rule - 1 day block
  • sexual harrassment - 1 week block
  • vandalism or destructivity - 1 mounth block
  • anything out of order, too extreme and bang out of order - fired for ever